Nobody’s saying why

A UK Government backed initiative is under way to encourage more people to go online.  An estimated two thirds of the population have yet to get on the internet bandwagon and, for some reason, their minds must be changed – or so the voluntary based initiative led by Martha Lane Fox believes.

Issues of cost, which is one reason why people are not online, are being addressed by offering refurbished equipment and the initiative is pointing out that shopping online (such as for insurance) can bring savings which would more than pay for the cost of the computer and internet access.

However, the vast majority of those not interested is because they believe the internet is of no, um, interest to them!  So why bother?  Surely everyone’s entitled to make up their own mind aren’t they?  To make their own choices?

Why does everyone have to have internet access if they don’t want to?  The only thing that answers this is a quote from David Cameron:

‘..we really can become the first nation in the world to get everyone online and ensure that something the vast majority of us take for granted can be enjoyed by all of us.’

So it’s to make people happier is it?

I use the internet a lot: for work, for research, to promote my business.  However, I’m not sure I would class it as something that I do for enjoyment: it’s just another tool for me – a way to communicate.

Happiness for me is a good meal with good company, a lazy sunny day, an absorbing book and a whole host of other activities.  It isn’t turning the computer on.

Maybe those who have said no have got it right but, until there’s either a valid or honest reason for getting us all hooked into the web, they won’t be changing their minds.


Jackie Notman is an intuitive adviser and coach who works on an energetic level with individuals and businesses using tools such as Feng Shui, Numerology, Dowsing, Astrology, I Ching and the Tarot.   This article is from her blog at



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