Are you happy and fulfilled or could things be better?

Maybe you feel stuck or out of flow?

Perhaps you are seeking the right way to move forward?

Or is there something missing, a space that needs filling?

Yes? Then you need to work energetically…

I’m Jackie Notman, an Intuitive Advisor and Guide and what I can do for you is UNIQUE because YOU ARE UNIQUE.

My energetic toolkit, which includes Feng Shui, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Dowsing and the I Ching, will help you uncover any blocks that are holding you back, show you how to get your energy flowing again and, more importantly, flowing in the right direction.

Personal Feng Shui

Let’s look at you first. This is personal feng shui at its best because it explores who you are energetically. To do this I analyse you using Feng Shui Astrology, Numerology and Life Path Tarot. This provides the point from which I can guide you to expressing your beautiful, unique and authentic self.

Your Space and Time

Then we move on to the space and time you’re in and I can analyse this with Feng Shui, Feng Shui Astrology and Dowsing if needed. Believe it or not your home is a metaphor for your life. Get your home right energetically and your life follows and flows.

Problem Solving

And finally we have problem solving because things happen don’t they? So, if you need guidance, I use the I Ching, Tarot, Date Selection and Dowsing from my trusty toolkit.

Ready to go?

Start off by exploring this website. I suggest the Let’s Work Together tab first to see all the ways we can interact: most of my energetic tools are available as standalone services; personal feng shui or energetic guidance; consultancy for organisations; workshops & training as well as mentoring for those of you on the same path as me.

Then if you’re interested in finding out more about all of the energetic tools I use click on the My Energetic Toolkit tab for more information on feng shui; feng shui astrology; numerology; tarot; dowsing and the I Ching.
And, if you feel we’re an energetic fit come and talk to me.

Jackie Notman