Jackie NotmanMany years ago I trained as an aerobics coach.  This was in the days of Jane Fonda, high energy workouts and ‘feel the burn’!

I loved the buzz I got from working out like that and I loved that I could help others get that too.  I only wish I could bottle the feeling because it didn’t always happen and I started to question why.

As I trained in fitness, nutrition, massage and eventually aromatherapy I started to realise that there was more to life than the physical body we’re in and the physical world around us.

Aromatherapy introduced me to the world of vibration and an inkling that, as energy beings vibrating at various frequencies, we had the potential to heal, to manifest and to be happy.  My understanding grew as I studied ReiKi and other forms of energy healing but, after a while, ground to a halt because for some people it didn’t seem to work.

A long rethink made me realise that, if I was working holistically with anybody, I had to consider the environment they were in – not just their body.  Now I understood that holistic didn’t stop at our skin.  And so I expanded my awareness to bring in the principles of Feng Shui (studying with the late Jon Sandifer who, in turn, studied with Master Chan Kun Wah and Michio Kushi amongst others. I continued to work with Jon as his assistant until his death in 2012).

As I continued to work with people I uncovered more layers: birth dates give fascinating information from an astrological viewpoint and, together with names, I can use the archetypes within numerology to understand the energy that a person brings into this world with them~ equipped to fulfil their purpose. Intuition is useful for reading all these levels of energy and I use tools to help me do that such as dowsing, the Tarot and the I Ching.

BUT…. before I used all these tools on other people, I needed to use them on myself. A few years ago I discovered I was an empath. I wrote a blog article about that which you can view here but, in short, an empath is somebody who can pick up the energy of another being and experience it as if it was their own. This may be physical sensations, thoughts or feelings. Knowing this explained a lot about my life experiences and was a huge relief. But then, once I had dismissed a lot of the things I had experienced as not belonging to me, I had to ask myself ‘Who Am I?

Everything I use now helped me discover a part of myself and helped me know myself energetically.

My belief is that if you can understand the energy you have (which includes your characteristics, personality, talents and strengths), the energy around you and how to harness it and the energy cycles that change over time, then you can work out what you’re doing with your life, plan your goals and play the game of life with all the odds stacked in your favour.

On a physical level I have a corporate background with many years of experience in human resources and business development across a range of industries.

Based in Wiltshire, I work with clients around the world thanks to the energetic medium of the internet! I have been featured several times in Soul & Spirit magazine, national newspapers and other publications and on BBC Radio.

I am accredited with the Feng Shui Society (FSS) in the UK, a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and a past Trustee on the National Council of the British Society of Dowsers.

As well as consultations I am available for workshops, talks, interviews, articles, corporate events and am always happy to consider any suggestions! Just come and talk to me.