Is manifesting just not working for you?

Do you struggle to move forward or find yourself self-sabotaging?

Maybe you’re manifesting like crazy but your desires are still just that – desires?

Isn’t it time to supercharge your manifesting and get some action in your attraction work?

Google the Law of Attraction or The Secret and you’ll get millions of hits about manifesting your desires: visualisation, mantras, meditations, hypnosis, vision boards and affirmations amongst them. You may have already tried them yourself.  But all of these involve the conscious mind and the conscious mind includes the ego.  And the ego, despite its good intentions, can often be self-sabotaging.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bypass the whole system, get straight down to an energetic level and change the frequency of all your cells to a vibration that matches that of what you want to manifest in your life? With dowsing you can.

Dowsing for Manifestation is a PDF guide written in an easy, no nonsense style it shows you step by step how to:

  • Get responses from your dowsing tool of choice
  • The protocol you must follow to get a meaningful response from your dowsing
  • Formulating the dowsing question
  • How to use those skills for manifestation with examples you can adapt to your specific manifestation goals

I use dowsing a lot in my work with individuals and businesses and, more importantly, I use it for myself too. What are you waiting for? Get your instant download now.