Below are links to factsheets I’ve put together that give some explanation about the energetic tools I use. Just click on the title and you’ll be taken to a PDF that you can either view or download.

More in-depth information and articles on how you can use these tools to your advantage are available to view or download from the Subscriber Resources page. If you’re not a subscriber yet just fill in the details at the side of this page. When you claim your free 15 Energetic Life Hacks guide you’ll also receive your password to access a wealth of information.

Coaching with a Difference

Feng Shui History & Practice

Feng Shui Astrology – Origins & Use

Tarot – No BS

I Ching – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

Date Selection & Directionology – Energetic Planning

Numerology – The Language of Energy?

Discover Dowsing

Space Clearing & Blessings

How to draw a Floor Plan