Whether you choose to have an on site feng shui consultation or a remote one will determine the level of analysis given. And it can be a little confusing with all the jargon to understand exactly what will suit your requirements and fulfil your expectations.

So my intention here is to define clear options for you, what’s included with each and also explain the lovely feng shui jargon that’s used. For certain options I’ve detailed my fees. However, on site consultations will take into account your location and my travelling time and costs so I am unable to be specific until I know your location. All you need to do is contact me for a no obligation quote.

A Pre Purchase consultation is for homes or workspaces you are considering buying or renting and will help you make an informed decision.

A Home Office consultation is purely for your home office! If you work from home it’s important to make that space right and supportive rather than sabotaging your entrepreneurial efforts.

Standard Home and Premium Home consultations analyse your complete home and you choose which services you want to include.

The Annual Refresher is for previous clients in order to tweak certain energies that change annually. This can be carried out at any time but energies shift with Chinese New Year in early February so I recommend January as a great time to do this.

If standard isn’t your thing, one further option is an Online Feng Shui Call where we have a 45 minute video call and cover anything you want to cover. All you need to do is send me floor plans beforehand and dates of birth of those people involved and you can ask me anything from an energetic perspective. The call is recorded for you in both MP4 and MP3 formats. To book you can contact me or use the drop down box at the bottom of the page to order online.

The options given are for home residences up to five bedrooms. For larger residences or businesses just contact me to discuss your requirements.





Space clearing/geopathic stress check

There are many reasons why energy in our environment could have a negative effect on us. Geopathic stress is usually caused through changes in the earth under our feet but energy can become negative for a number of reasons. The thing is, if the energy in your environment is having a negative effect on you or your family, you can do as much feng shui as you like but you will not get the full benefits from it. That is why I always carry out a space clearing before my feng shui consultations. It’s like clearing the nonsense before we can get down to the serious stuff. This is carried out on site for the Premium Home option and remotely for all other consultations. For more information on space clearing you can view or download my factsheet here.

Form School

The form of a building is a fundamental principle of feng shui and is probably the oldest school of thought. Form determines how our home fits into the environment and how well it is nourished, supported and balanced. The same principles can apply internally, especially where we sleep and work (if we work from home). External form can only really be assessed on site although, with photographs or video, I can offer a basic analysis for remote consultations.

Flow/room placement

Life means movement and it’s important that energy flows throughout our space otherwise it stagnates and, guess what, so does our life! All consultations will consider this flow and also room placement. This is particularly valuable is you are refurbishing or designing your space or just deciding who should sleep in which bedroom.

Footprint/energy balance

Believe it or not the footprint of your home, the shape it makes in a two dimensional world, can flavour the energy of your space. We often use feng shui to bring more of a certain energy into our lives such as abundance or romance but the  bigger picture shows that everything is finely balanced and feng shui will help you achieve that balance to nurture all aspects of your life. So, if your footprint is out of balance, we can work on rectifying it.

Sha and Sheng Chi

Other structures in our environment can have either a detrimental (Sha) or beneficial (Sheng) effect on the energy (Chi) in our space. Once we know this we can enhance or negate such effects. As these are usually external structures this is offered for on site options only. However, as with external form, I can do a basic analysis from photographs or video for remote consultations.

Command position

If you work from home or need to work on your confidence and assertiveness there is a technique to determine your command position: it finds the right place for you to plug into your natural energy flow and power. Note that this is a different calculation than your Ming Gua which is defined below.

Flying Stars

The flying stars are really the astrology of your home and bring in the time aspect of feng shui. If you allow energy to flow in your home you will probably notice that its feel will change over time. That is why it is important to reanalyse your home each year because a big energy shift is the annual cycle change which takes place with Chinese New Year (usually at the beginning of February).

Ming Gua & Eight Mansions

Our Ming Gua is calculated from our date of birth and gender and translates as life pattern. The Eight Mansions system uses our Ming Gua and determines how compatible we are with our space. It will also determine our best directions for sleeping, working and doing just about anything.

One-One QA

Naturally if I am on site then I am available to discuss my findings and answer your questions more fully than for a remote consultation.  However, I always aim to make my written report as concise and easy to understand as possible. In addition, I offer free email follow up for three months after the consultation to answer any questions that arise out of the original consultation. This is available on all consultations. However, if a written report isn’t your thing and you prefer to discuss my recommendations with me I offer an optional 45 minute Skype session for remote consultations and, indeed, all of my clients. This is charged at my usual rate and will be detailed when I submit my report to you.

I hope this has explained the options but please do contact me if you have any questions.

Alternatively, if you’ve made your mind up and you want to book one of the remote options you can do so here via paypal. If you’d prefer a different payment method though just contact me.