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There are many ways we can work together:

Standalone services

Using any of my standalone services such as Feng Shui, Dowsing, Astrology, Date Selection, Tarot or the I ChingMore…

Energetic Coaching & Guidance

My coaching may be a little different from your typical coaching system but sometimes you have to be different to make a difference.  In fact, I prefer to call this Personal Feng Shui. And it all starts with aligning yourself with your energy blueprint removing what is blocking your flow and allowing you to step right into your power.  More…

Consultancy/Business Energetics

Whatever sort of business you are in, you need to stand out from the crowd. Working energetically will help you do jut that. Whether you want feng shui input on the arrangement and decoration of your workspace or a more holistic, energetic approach to how you work, I can work with key players, with the organisation as a whole, or review as a mystery shopper. More…

Talks & Events

Knowledge and experience is only useful if you can use it to help others and I love helping others view life from an energetic perspective. My aim is always to send people home having had a good time and gained a little knowledge or different perspective. More…

Workshops & Training

Maybe you want a more in depth knowledge of some of the energetic tools I use? Maybe one, or more of them, has really connected with you? Then why not take it further? More…


It always difficult to make that leap from knowing stuff to implementing it, especially if you want to use it professionally. That’s why I’m happy to act as a guide and mentor just as others have done so for me. More…


Have a look in my shop for products or services related to everything I do. I will be adding more items as I can but, if you would like anything that you don’t see there just contact me.


Just click on any of the links that I’ve put in for more information. I can work face to face, remotely, by skype or by email. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, not sure how I can help you or want to see if we’re an energetic fit, just book a Skype video chat by clicking the button on the side or clicking here. It’s totally free, confidential and carries no obligation.

Feedback from others who have worked with me can be found on my Testimonials page and, if you want to know why working with an Intuitive Advisor could be an effective solution for you, have a look at my Top 10 Reasons to use an Intuitive Advisor.

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