Let me introduce you to my energetic toolkit. These are all the tools I use to enable me to access a person, relationship or situation energetically.

If I work with you as a coach or consultant certainly a fair few of these tools will be used.  Of course you can also purchase a lot of them as standalone services too.

Here’s a taster and clicking on the ‘More…’ link will give you further information or just click the drop down menu to take you straight to each page. You can also get more information on the nuts and bolts of these tools on my Factsheets page.

Feng Shui

Feng shui can change your life in so many ways. It’s a little like understanding where the groove is and fitting into it so your life flows. You can use feng shui in your home, in your garden and in your business.
My clients use feng shui to improve their relationships, their finances, their business and for so many other reasons. If your life seems like hard work, if you feel stuck or just can’t seem to achieve your goals you should
look at feng shui.

Feng Shui Astrology

Feng shui astrology uses the ancient oracle the I Ching together with the Chinese feng shui system of trigrams to discover your energetic character based on your date of birth. A feng shui astrology reading will analyse the various energies that make up different aspects of your personality and tell you where you are in the current energy cycles. Many of my clients have got an ‘aha’ moment from these. Others find they have finally got an explanation of why they are like they are.

And, if your relationship is moving to a serious stage with a significant other, why not understand how you interact with each other? A relationship reading is not about checking if somebody is a ‘match’ to you. It’s about understanding each other and the best way to communicate. If you get that right you’ll have a solid foundation for a successful relationship.

An analysis also makes an ideal baby/parent gift.

Date Selection

It’s amazing isn’t it that, when we’re planning some of the biggest occasions in our lives such as getting married, starting a business or relocating, that we don’t plan the most important thing that can contribute to its success? My clients consult me for house moves, weddings, signing contracts, starting businesses, relocations and travelling. They don’t leave anything to chance. Will you?


Were you born on a specific day for a reason?  Do you have a nick-name and do you act differently when you’re with people who call you that?  Did you marry and change or connect your surname? How does your name affect your life? If you’ve ever wondered what you’re here for in this life, find out the secret energetic influences from your name and date of birth: you might just get an ‘aha’ moment.

Numerology is now offered only as part of my Step into Your Power session.


Tarot is not about fortune telling.  It’s a way to explore possibilities, think laterally, expand our viewpoint and gain insights.  It’s an amazing way to open up your mind, connect with ancient wisdom and understand the energies at play in your life. It’s ideal if you want a different perspective on a situation or you’re so close to it that you have no perspective at all.

I Ching

This ancient and trusted oracle can give guidance on your situation, any questions you have or decisions you wish to make, It’s like an ‘off the wall’ approach to problem solving and really encourages lateral thinking. What will you ask the I Ching?


We all have intuition but, for many of us, we can’t bring what we know, or the information we have access to, into our conscious minds.  And that’s where dowsing comes in very useful.

I will use dowsing during readings or consultations and can also provide training or mentoring. Contact me to discuss your requirements.