Date Selection is part of the feng shui astrology system and focuses, as the name suggests, on time and putting thought into choosing dates for a specific purpose.

It’s amazing isn’t it that, when we’re planning some of the biggest occasions in our lives such as getting married, starting a business or relocating, that we don’t plan the most important thing that can contribute to its success?

On these days we want everything to go right, everything to flow and you may put that part of the plan down to good preparation and luck.  But you don’t have to just keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. Even travelling can go a lot more smoothly if we
choose the dates energetically beforehand and are aware of your lucky and unlucky directions (this is known as Directionology).

And, if you’re tied to a specific date but it’s not going to be great for you energetically, forewarned is forearmed and you can put measures in place to support you.

My clients consult me for house moves, weddings, signing contracts, starting businesses, relocations and travelling. They don’t leave anything to chance. Will you?

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You can order Date Selection as a one off request or as a monthly subscription.
For a one off request let me know if you have specific dates to choose from and what the occasion is (if it involves travelling or relocation I’ll need locations too). You can put this information in the Special Instructions box when paying or email me separately.
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Or would you like a regular monthly update of your best days for work and for socialising as well as knowing which days not to arrange anything important on?
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£12.00/month (no contract or notice period involved)

Don’t forget to let me have your date of birth when you order.