Luo Pan yin yangAre you ready to meet YOU?

  • Do you want to discover who you really are?
  • Do you want to understand why you do the things you do?
  • Do you want to accept you in all your untouched, raw glory?
  • Do you want to express the person you are truly meant to be?

When you understand yourself you can start to accept yourself. With acceptance you can then express yourself fully. Some would say being able to do that is the ultimate happiness.

Welcome to Feng Shui Astrology

Feng Shui Astrology uses the ancient oracle The I Ching together with the Chinese Feng Shui system of Trigrams to discover your energetic character based on your date of birth. This not only gives you fascinating insights into you but how you interact with others and your environment.

An analysis will show you:

  • Insights into your character
  • Why you act the way you do under stress
  • Your strengths & weaknesses
  • How others see you
  • How you relate to others
  • Ways to strengthen your inherent energy

Are you ready for an ‘aha’ moment?
Are you ready to finally understand why you are, well, you?

Why Feng Shui Astrology?

  • Because it’s been used for thousands of years & has never been out of use
  • Because it is based on classic principles used in Feng Shui and the I Ching
  • Because it provides information that is enlightening and useful.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about fortune telling. A Feng Shui Astrology Fully Loaded analysis will show you who you really are. When you know that you get back in control and you can determine how you move forward in your life.
It’s nothing to do with fate. It’s about knowing what you’ve got and using it to your advantage.
A Feng Shui Astrology Fully Loaded Analysis is just £25 and includes:

  • Your personal Stars
  • A full analysis of your energetic elements
  • Your Star combination which is the basis of your character
  • Ways to strengthen your inherent energy and make you less likely to be drained by people, places and situations


Maybe it’s not just about you?

If your relationship is moving to a serious stage with somebody, why not understand how the two of you interact with each other?
A relationship reading is not about checking if somebody is a ‘match’ to you. It’s about understanding each other and the best way to communicate. If you get that right you’ll have a solid foundation for a successful relationship.
A Feng Shui Astrology Fully Loaded Relationship Analysis is just £65 and includes an analysis for each of you and details for how your energies interact with each other.


Looking for a fantastic baby/parent gift?

An energy analysis is a great gift to give for parents and baby. Parents get a heads up on the energetic character of their child, what to expect from them and tips on how to communicate with them (this works by looking at the parents date of birth as well as the child’s). And what a great thing to keep for a child to have when they reach maturity?
A Feng Shui Astrology Child Analysis is just £45 per child and includes a full analysis for the child and details on how your child’s energies interact with the parents. It’s an ideal way to understand just how to communicate with them.


Please provide your date of birth when you purchase an analysis. 

For a relationship analysis I’ll need both dates of birth and you MUST get permission from the other person to have this analysis. You can put this information in the Special Instructions box when paying or email me separately.

For a child analysis I’ll need dates of birth for the parents and child.