Luo Pan yin yangWant to know how to communicate with your child?

If you’ve just become a parent you’ll know your child intimately. Why not understand them energetically too right from the start?

If you’re looking for an unusual gift for new parents why not give them something unique and that the new baby can have when they grow older?

Or if your child is a little older do you wonder just how to communicate with them, understand them and support them?

A child/parent analysis explores your child’s energetic shape and their potential for this life. And, by analysing the parents’ dates of birth too you’ll get tips on how to support your child as they grow and find their way in the world. What a great gift on top of the amazing gift of your child?

Feng Shui Astrology uses the ancient oracle The I Ching together with the Chinese Feng Shui system of Trigrams to discover your energetic character based on your date of birth. This not only gives you fascinating insights into you but how you interact with others and your environment.

A child/parent analysis will show you:

  • Insights into the character of your child
  • How they will change as they mature
  • A glimpse of the adult they’ll become
    • How they will act under stress
    • Their strengths & weaknesses
    • How others will perceive them
    • How they will relate to other
  • How they will interact with each parent as they grow and mature
  • Best ways for each parent to communicate with them and support them

Why Feng Shui Astrology?

  • Because it’s been used for thousands of years & has never been out of use
  • Because it is based on classic principles used in Feng Shui and the I Ching
  • Because it provides information that is enlightening and useful.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking about fortune telling. A Feng Shui Astrology Child/Parent analysis will help you understand and know your child on a deep, energetic level.

A Feng Shui Astrology Child/Parent analysis is just £45

To order choose the Child option in the drop down box:


For a child/parent analysis I’ll need the name and date of birth for the child and dates of birth of both parents. If you are a lone parent and want to focus on just this relationship then just send me your details. You can put this information in the Special Instructions box when paying or email me separately.

Interested in an Individual analysis?

Interested in a Relationship analysis?