Is your life happy, harmonious and healthy?

Or do you have niggles, frustrations and the same old defeating patterns happening again and again?

Have you tried all sorts of personal development and other practices but can’t seem to improve your life?

Maybe you just want to make your space work for you?

You’ve probably had days when absolutely nothing goes right. In fact it might not be days but a week, a month or even years and you just wonder if you pulled the short straw in this life. Then you see others who seem to just float along with everything falling into place. What’s their secret?

Well, it’s no secret really. You just need to widen your perception a little.

Luo Pan However much you believe in your independence, you are affected by the places, things and people around you.  It’s impossible not to be because your energy is always interacting with the energy of everything else.

The key is to harness and encourage more of the good energy around you and negate or protect yourself from the not so good energy.  This is the practice of feng shui and it is a fundamental part of my energy reading tool kit.

Feng shui is all about understanding how your energy interacts with the energy of your environment.  It’s a truly holistic way of seeing how you ‘fit’ with the world around you and, once understood, you can harness the information to ensure your home is supporting your dreams and not sabotaging them.

Your home is a reflection of you. Make changes in your home and you make changes in your life.

Your home should be your haven. The place you are happy to go to and where you feel safe and secure. It should also nourish you and provide a solid foundation from which you can live a full and happy life.

But not everybody feels that way about their home. Is it too secure and comfortable that you feel stuck and can’t make changes? Maybe you don’t like coming home because it feels unwelcoming or cold or you just can’t relax there. Perhaps you need to work at home or study there and can’t focus. Generally, you and your house just don’t click.

So what’s the solution? You can move (if you can afford it and you might just make the wrong choice anyway), stick with it and become increasingly frustrated, or use feng shui.

Feng shui can address specific issues you have such as health, relationships, career, wealth or just general happiness, satisfaction and contentment.

If you’ve already applied feng shui don’t forget that you should tweak it annually to accommodate the Chinese New Year and shifting energies. January is a great time to do this so speak to your feng shui consultant.

But you know feng shui doesn’t just apply to our homes. Our gardens and our business or workplace are important too.

Feng shui & your garden

Connection with nature is good for us: beautiful sights, smells and connecting to the earth all have a positive effect on our wellbeing. Feng shui originated in the landscape – the external environment – and is relevant to whatever outside space we have access to: garden, courtyard, balcony or even window box!

Feng shui your home and garden together and you’ll have a harmonious environment whatever the weather and whether you’re inside or out. And, if you want something a little different, why not consider a stone circle or labyrinth? Both have been used throughout history to provide access to energies.

Why not have your own stone circle for healing or meditation? Or a labyrinth for contemplation or celebration?

Feng shui for business & retail

Every business or business person is looking for an edge that will bring success. Feng shui is used by many organisations, both large and small, to give them the lead in an increasingly competitive business world. For more information on my holistic business services see Business Energetics.

Feng shui for your home office

A growing number of people are choosing to work from home and/or work for themselves. But, whilst it may seem a dream to do (especially when you’re on your daily commute) it’s not always easy to do. Getting your work space at home right for you energetically is a crucial factor in your success. Whilst I would normally suggest that your whole home is analysed in order to ensure it supports you, if you have a room, garage or garden shed that you use for your office, it is possible to apply feng shui just to that space and turn it into your biggest energetic ally in the success of your business.

Feng shui before you buy

Buying or renting a new home or business premises is a big decision and you want to get it right both physically and energetically. Physically you would have your checklist: size, location etc. But do you know what to look for energetically?

  • Do you know whether a space will nourish you and your family?
  • Do you know if an office or warehouse will support your employees?
  • Do you know if a shop will encourage customers through the door?

Feng shui can help with all these and ensure that the place you choose is the right place.

A pre purchase consultation takes place before anything is signed and you may even be considering two or more options. I can advise on energetic suitability, any negatives and whether there are easy cures available.

The consultation

If you’ve ever wondered what happens during a feng shui consultation, here’s what I do:

Remember, your space is a metaphor for your life. So what does yours say about you?

Interested in bringing feng shui into your life? I’ve detailed the different options for consultations, fees where possible and a glossary to explain some of the jargon used in the feng shui world here.