Are you stuck with no way forward?

Would you like a different perspective on a situation?

Do you feel you have no choice or that you’re restricted?

Maybe you just need the voice of wisdom to help you see something as it truly is?

I chingIf you want a fresh take on any situation you can’t beat working with the I Ching. Yes, it is over 3000 years old so it really is OLD. But, with age comes wisdom and, let’s face it, if it didn’t work it wouldn’t have stuck around for so long would it?

There is nothing so old as the human story and, whatever you are experiencing, it has been experienced before and the I Ching will have something to say about it.

The I Ching is a great way to look at a situation energetically and it can open up our mind to possibilities that you may not have considered before. It is multi-layered and absolutely fascinating.

But, probably the most important thing I’ve noticed with myself and my clients who use the I Ching for guidance is that it puts you back in control and sends you off with a new thought process or action plan. For many of us problems come about when we consider we have no control over a situation. The I Ching, your pocket guru, will show you that you do have control and, with control comes power and the ability to make changes.

Think of the I Ching as your Pocket Guru: showing you the world in six little lines

So, what are you waiting for? What will you ask the I Ching?

Order an I Ching reading by email

Let me know the question you would like to ask or which area of your life you would like to focus on. You can put this information in the Special Instructions box when paying or email me separately.
I will cast the I Ching for you and send you a recording of the reading together with jpegs of the relevant hexagrams. You can also choose to follow up the reading with a live 30 minute skype session with me to take you through the reading or ask further questions.