Let the Tarot open your mind

Do you need insight, clarity or a different perspective?

Are you too close to a situation to really make sense of it anymore?

Maybe you just want to see a little light at the end of the tunnel you’re in?

Whatever your reason for seeking guidance with the Tarot, welcome: answers await you. But, I have to warn you that my Tarot is not about fortune telling: there are plenty of others promising that so go seek them out.

Instead my Tarot is an amazing way to open up your mind, connect with ancient wisdom and understand the energies at play in your life.

A Tarot session with me is a way to explore possibilities, think laterally, expand your viewpoint and gain insights.  It becomes a coaching session taken to another dimension.

I offer various tarot readings by email or skype and often use other tools too such as dowsing or feng shui astrology.  And, if you’d like an energetic view of your month ahead, I offer a personalised monthly three card tarot reading by subscription.

Or why not get a group of people together and have a tarot party?  I can also bring something a ‘little different’ to corporate functions and parties.

Book a Tarot Reading

For all Tarot readings I use the Rider-Waite deck as I’ve found the symbolism works so well with so many people. The only exception I make is for my One Card reading where I give a choice of the Rider-Waite, Osho Zen Tarot or Angel Cards. Details are below.

When you purchase a tarot reading by email please let me know if you would like a general reading or if you want to look at any particular aspect of your life.  You can put this information in the Special Instructions box when paying or email me separately.

By Skype
This is a great interactive way to work with the cards so you can ask questions and the reading will go where it needs to go. Each session is 45 minutes and you’ll receive an audio recording plus a jpeg of the cards.


Personalised monthly three card reading
Why not be proactive with the Tarot. At the beginning of every month I’ll send you an audio and jpeg of three cards dealt specifically for you for the month ahead.These are not generic readings. I will sit down and ask for three cards and information for you specifically. What a great way to kick off each month for you?
£9.99/month (no contract or notice period involved)

Email options


One Card provides guidance and shows you the energy around the situation you’re questioning. It can be stunningly informative and helpful. For this reading you have a choice of decks:

  • Rider-Waite Tarot – probably the most popular deck and forerunner to many modern decks. The RW Tarot contains symbolism that we can all understand unconsciously.
  • The Osho Zen Tarot – based on the teachings of Osho, his sage advice advocates simplicity and shares many of the fundamental beliefs of Buddhism.
  • Doreen Virtue Angel Therapy Oracle Cards – focusing on our spiritual world which, of course, has a direct impact on our physical world.

Let me know your choice when you purchase or, if you’re not sure, I’ll dowse the best choice for you.

Three Cards can give more depth than a One Card Tarot reading. Usually considers past influences, present environment and future possibilities relating to a specific issue. It can also be used for a general analysis of the energies around you.

LifePath uses the Major Arcana archetypes combined with the numerology of your date of birth to highlight your talents and challenges for your life. This reading will focus on two, three or four cards depending on your specific numerology and is ideal if you are stuck and want some clarity or guidance on what to do with your life.

Six Cards are ideal to look into the future. Usually over six months but this can be changed if necessary. If you want to know how a situation is going to pan out the Six Card Tarot reading is an ideal choice.

Choices – We’ve all been there: agonising over choosing between two…anything! Partners, homes, jobs. And then, when we’ve made our decision we worry if we’ve made the right one! The Choices Tarot reading will look at both options for you and offer a snapshot of the energy surrounding each one. Then you can decide knowing you have all the information available to help you make the right choice for you.

Celtic Cross is the classic spread that’s been used for many years. It considers every aspect of your life and addresses the issues where you need guidance whether you are consciously aware of them or not!