Energy is FUN…

…and a lot of the things I do can fit in well with groups to entertain and inform. Knowledge and experience is only useful if you can use it to help others and I love helping others view life from an energetic perspective.

Small groups, hen parties, fund raisers, corporate events or themed evenings can benefit from talks, hands on ‘try it out’ sessions, group or private readings.  Tarot, astrology and numerology are particularly popular for parties and dowsing is a great ice breaker and team builder.

I aim to make any talk or event I’m involved with as interactive as possible leaving the audience with something of value they can take away and use to improve their lives.

Standard talks include:

  • Feng Shui for your health, wealth & love life
  • The ancient wisdom of the I Ching and Feng Shui Astrology
  • The I Ching – the world in six little lines
  • Numerology – discover the secret of your name
  • The energetic game of life and how to play it
  • Business Energetics – how to get the edge over your competition

However I can tailor the subject matter to your audience interests and/or event schedule.

Whatever you have in mind, come talk to me. What’s the worst that could possibly happen?