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24 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. Jackie carried out a Feng Shui consultant on my house recently. I found the whole experience excellent and with a few tweaks through Jackies detailed recommendations things are definitely flowing better. I cannot recommend Jackie enough. She was highly professional and explained everything in detail.

  2. Jackie recently attended the Bristol Dowsers Group to give her "Game of Life and How to Play it" talk.
    Jackie is a very interesting lady with a LOT of information to give. She is very enthusiastic which is contagious! I wanted her to talk forever as I absolutely loved every subject she spoke about. Her talk lasted two hours but it only seemed like 30 mins!!
    She does know what she is talking about.
    Such a lovely lady!

  3. I have started doing life coaching with Jackie Notman in march.She definatly understood what the problem was and has given me great advice.I can't belive how energetic I feel after that.Jackie Notman is very professional and If I ask for advice on anything I know I will get the right one.Even though you have all the pieces of the puzzle, sometimes you don't know how to put them together and Jackie Notman did that for me.Thanks for that Jackie.Keep up the good work.

  4. Jackie spent the time to really understand what I wanted and was able to offer advice and suggestions to help achieve this…. She never failed to meet promised deadlines and delivered an excellent service that exceeded my expectations. I am delighted with the end result.

  5. I recently undertook a large extention/refurbishment on my house and instructed Jackie to help design it with the best possible feng shui in mind. I have to say that Jackie was brilliant. Unfortunately, due to planning constraints the whole thing had to be redesigned several times and Jackie was always on hand to give advise and always got back to me quickly. She is such a lovely person and was happy to help every step of the way. I would highly recommended her and will definitely be using her services again, should I move. Thank you Jackie for all your hard work!

  6. Jackie has that sparkling radiance of a being who can be both fully present and able to open up and see the greatness within other people. It was a rare honour to be bathed by her words of encouragement and have both my strengths and weaknesses held so lovingly

  7. Jackie gave another fascinating and entertaining talk, this time on Feng Shui, Astrology & the I Ching. It is impossible to do justice to such an interesting and information packed talk in a short piece like this. A great talk Jackie, I’m sure everyone is looking forward to the next one.

  8. Jackie's knowledge and insight into the art of Feng Shui is exceptional. She provided me with a fantastic interview for a magazine in which she completely reconstructed my understanding of Feng Shui. She clearly demonstrated how people (individuals and businesses) can utilise energy from their surroundings to positively transform their lives. She has a friendly personality and a clear passion for helping others backed up by an exceptional knowledge and understanding of Feng Shui. I would highly recommend her!
    Thank you Jackie for your insight.

  9. A great evening at the Como Centre in Grove, Oxfordshire, earlier this week when Jackie came to talk to us about Feng Shui for Health, Wealth & Love Live. Jackie is a lovely lady with such great energy and a clear passion for what she does. We all left the Centre wanting more, but with practical tips and measures to put in place to improve our lives. We look forward very much to Jackie's next visit when she talks about Feng Shui Astrology.

    I can highly recommend Jackie, working with her is such an uplifting experience.

  10. Thank you Jackie for another amazing evening at Como Centre Grove, we had a fabulous evening, I loved the Astrology you have so much knowledge and very inspirational, the charts for my family are amazing they love them and a perfect gift for my three grandsons…..looking forward to our next workshop in October.

  11. Thank you Jackie. Extremely kind of you to help clear up my confusions. In fact you've added something extra to help me. I'm so glad I got in touch. I feel better already. Looking forward to having a full consultation soon.

  12. Jackie has proven to be an invaluable resource to our new business start up. She offered an excellent service to us and educated us in the wonderful world of Feng Sui and Dowsing. She will certainly be part of our huge success story…

  13. Jackie came to give a talk twice at our FHT support Group in Salsibury. I was amazed at her specialized knowledge and the professionalizm she portrayed.

    Anyone who connects with Jackie will find a world or advanced information, she is able to give in many aspects of life. Thank you so much.

  14. Thank you very much for talking me through my reading last week. I found it immensely enlightening and thought provoking. Hubby and I had an interesting time comparing our readings, and that as well provoked a lot of discussion.

  15. Hi Jackie thank you so much for the brilliant Astrology Forecast and the Feng Shui Astrology Horoscopes and Feng Shui Soloprenevrs. I really appreciate all you have sent me, I found whilst chatting to you on Sunday my energy levels lifted. You are an amazing lady with so much knowledge, I really felt a connection with your energies :). Thank you,

  16. I am finding it all very interesting, and thank you for the free monthly reading, my sign is the earth, it looks like im in for another very busy month, last month definitely kept me on my toes, there was a lot of positivity that came out of it too . I think its very nice of you to take the time to help so many people and look forward to meeting you again soon

  17. Jackie, you know I am such a fan both of you and your talents. Each time I work with you the readings just reinforce a deeper level of something I always knew but never noticed – it’s power stuff and I love it.

  18. I’m so pleased that I finally feel very clear on what I want to spend my time creating now! Thank you Jackie! xxx

  19. Jackie has just “feng shuied” (FS) my new house. I have used FS before many times so had an idea of what to expect. However, Jackie truly exceeded all my pre-conceived ideas. She was such a warm person that both my Husband and I felt very relaxed with Jackie walking round our house and doing “her stuff”. She is extremely knowledgeable in FS and you can also see she is passionate about what she does. What I loved about Jackie is she didn’t bombard into our home suggesting big changes. She chatted to us first. Got to know us and our new home, and then very discreetly wandered around our home doing “her magic”. Both my Husband and I felt “refreshed” when Jackie left and have every confidence that we will see stuck energy starting to move. The suggestions she made were very discreet things we could do, and they all fitted with the essence of our home and our personalities.
    Can’t recommend Jackie highly enough. She is one of the best and most authentic out there.

  20. I had my first ever iChing reading with Jackie. Wow!!! what an experience. With one simple question she gave me so much clarity. What was fab was that Jackie sends your a recording of her findings/reading in which she explains what the symbols (hexagrams) mean and then how they relate to your question. The more you listen to the recording the more you get out of it. Jackie and her iChing readings will now be my “go-to” whenever I need clarity on a situation. For me personally it is much clearer than a tarot reading. You get a definitive answer with guidance on which direction to take, and for me that was invaluable.
    If you’ve never tried iChing before then Jackie is the perfect person to start you off as she explains everything so clearly and compassionately.

  21. Jackie is a top-notch feng shui consultant! We have had work done on previous homes and sadly, we have experienced people who did not have the remarkable design sense and practicality it takes to shape a western hemisphere home (well, at least partially western with Japanese accents).

    She makes the arduous task of creating a new home for us an easier progression that we truly appreciate. Can’t wait to do future adjustments and tweaks in the coming years.

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